Health, Mental health


I realised last night that I have’t written anything for a while. That’s probably a side effect of the stress/panic that is currently consuming me.


It’s kinda tricky to overlook that. Obviously there’s a lot riding on this- not just my uni place but my way of getting away from the people, the school and the village that have over the years made my life miserable. I’m really struggling to keep my stress under control and with that actually gather the motivation to carry on working because right now I really want to burn all of my books (as do all students, to be fair). I’m about one annoying incident from tearing my hair out….Not the best mental place to be.

Though to be fair so far it’s gone better than last year which may or may not have involved a lot of crying… whilst lying on the floor…. for three hours…

Not my finest moment. I’ll keep you updated on this year’s worst moment!

Lucy x


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