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What have you got to be depressed about?

No one has ever asked me that question out loud but I feel as though a lot of people have thought it- heck, I’ve thought it on more than on occasion. And the obvious answer is nothing. I have food, a warm bed, a caring family, a loving boyfriend and friends I can trust with my life, So what do I have to be depressed about?

I wish it were this simple. I think over the years my persistent perfectionism, body image issues (medically speaking I have never been fat but I’ve always felt fat) and pretty much a life time of emotional bullying from so-called friends broke my brain. It doesn’t help that I over think everything either.

So what have I learned recently? Ultimately someone will always have it worse but that doesn’t mean you don’t have it bad. Also, if your friends make you feel like crap, they aren’t friends- find new people because you never have to put up with being treated badly.

Thanks for reading!
Lucy x


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